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Welcome to ICSA

ICSA provides professionally taught, easy to lean, effective, reality-based training. Krav Maga is brutaly effective as a self-defence system, having been tested in the most severe environments possible. It is designed to be learned quickly, in days or weeks not years, by men and women of all ages and physical capabilities. It emphasises simplicity, instinct, reuse of core techniques in many situations, use of improvised weapons and the ability to perform under extreme pressure under the effects of adrenaline rush. Krav maga differs from martial arts in that there are no rules. Think of all the banned, dangerous techniques in martial arts and they will be present in Krav Maga. In a dangerous situation, your response needs to be proportionate but must be effective and must nullify the danger. Simultanous attack and defence is a key tenet of Krav Maga.


Clubs and Classes

If your interested in joining one of our classes click the button below for more information about class times and how to sign up.


Btec Courses

For a full list of the BTEC courses that we offer and what you can expect from these courses please click the button below.

Benefits of training with ICSA

ICSA specialises in teaching you a broad range of skills related to effective, reality-based self-defence. We cover aspects of both Krav Maga and Kapap. We also cover both civilian variations and techniques from military/law-enforcement versions.

  • Learn to protect yourself and your family
  • Simple, effective, easy-to-learn, real self-defence
  • Proven techniques used by military and law-enforcement agencies worldwide
  • Conflict avoidance skills
  • Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce stress
  • How to be a hard target and not look like a victim.
  • Understand fear, stress, adrenalin and how to control/use them
  • Understand the science of self-defence – simple gross motor movements that can be performed under stress
  • Understand your rights such as criminal law regarding self-defence and reasonable force
  • Meet like minded people and have fun plus increases motivation